Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ari & Lizzie Cass-Maran: Not just for boys

Being able to combine school work with my own was such a thrill that I wanted more. I spoke to Ari about trying to do something with her involving a big frame - like a comic but an actual physical version. This would make sense because she had recently started up Graphic Scotland. While plotting this image someone pointed out that she had set it up with her wife, Lizzie. So to be reasonable I had to expand the idea to include two people...

I decided that building a huge wooden frame for an effect which could actually be done more appropriately in post-production was perhaps a touch wasteful. The line 'Comic books - not just for boys' came into my head while tossing ideas around and suddenly I knew what I wanted to do. Very accommodatingly they let me invade their boudoir and rearrange it to my liking (pausing to chap to their lovely cat) in order to come up with this shot.

Ari & Lizzie - Not just for boys

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