Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ken MacLeod: Sneaking him in there

I had contacted Ken back at the start of this project and happily, he was up for it. However, terrible weather cancelled the first appointment and then being tempted to the pub by Iain (M) Banks and Charlie Stross after a Science Festival event cut the second one short - and then there just wasn't time!

In the 'real' world I've been taking some portraits of the ESRC Genomics Forum staff; the helpful pixies of coincidence were on my side because Ken is a Writer in Residence there and so I had to get one of him. After missing him in the office by mere minutes I caught up with him at the Book Festival, where I spend most of my time during August and he was often to be seen as well.

As the site was unattractively muddy I used the Spiegeltent.

Genomics Forum:

It seemed terribly appropriate to have him looking amiable in what is effectively a pub. He had even suggested such a thing in the first place.

So it's not the picture it would have been but I rather like it and am glad to finally have him in my collection...