Friday, 11 November 2011

Sara Sheridan: Very modern histories

I bump into Sara all over the place; she writes historical fiction and seems to be quite good at it, judging by her success. During the Book Festival I asked if she would let me add her to my collection and happily she agreed! Of course, there's been no time at all since then to catch up on my to do list because of crazy deadlines so nothing much happened.

This week we were given an assignment at college to produce an editorial portrait, outdoors, showing something of the person's hobby/occupation... so I jumped at the chance to kill two birds with one stone. Within two hours of emailing her to ask if she was available I had booked her into Miss Dixiebelle for a 50s hairdo (her forthcoming novel Brighton Belle, described as a 'cozy crime noir', is set in 1950s Brighton); in the morning I went to borrow an iPad and find a feather.

Sara Sheridan


  1. Aha! So now we know why you needed a feather!

  2. Where there's a quill...

    Sarah's in depth research is always added with a remarkably light touch. Now we know how it's done.

    Nice image, Chris