Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Update: On hiatus

After nineteen lovely sessions with fascinating characters I've come to the point where I have to decide on what to hand in to the College. I love all my writers equally of course, but after a long discussion with the relevant tutor we settled on the ten which would be most suitable. Since the shoots and subjects were so varied this comes down to chance more than being any reflection on the models. I'm very grateful to everyone who has given their time to this.

The final images are:

Gavin Inglis Tracey S Rosenberg
Aiko Harman Sophie Cooke
Claire Askew Jonathan Whiteside
Ryan Van Winkle David Bishop
Barbara Melville Ever Dundas

You can see the whole bunch in all their glory here.

This means that for the next wee while I'll not be dashing around meeting writers. Which is not to say that I feel the project is over - how could it be!? I suspect I'll be keeping this going for a long time yet, but a few weeks to focus on other work is necessary.

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