Saturday, 7 May 2011

Christina Stephen: Writer (and cameraphobe)

Christina (blog) is another of the Napier bunch. She is currently working on a non-fiction project. her most noteworthy trait in my brief experience of her is the lack of photographs from the past decade and a bit. Despite being, according to all of her classmates, quite lovely to look at she has become unable to look at pictures of herself. So when she said she was willing to be a part of this project we were all stunned!

However, as part of her acquiescence I promised not to release the image until she okays it and although she says she doesn't hate it (which is a coup in itself) she hasn't yet dis-embargoed it. I had said at the time that even if it never reaches the public eye I would deem it a success if she felt slightly less panicky at the sight of a camera than before, and I stand by this.

Christina Stephen

Christina works in a show home so I went to meet her there and posed her in the glorious penthouse. Well, on the third attempt we did; the first time I somehow forgot and the second time she had managed to double-book! Third time lucky...

Sadly it was raining outside so I couldn't take advantage of the lovely view so after playing with mirrors and speaking in calming tones for a while we ended up with a HELLO-style shot in the master bedroom.

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